I have been a publishing professional for 10 years but I have recently been trying to establish myself as Publishing entrepreneur. This process has led me to attending different business workshops and seminars, while interacting and networking with women of different levels, backgrounds and passions.

A lot of my newly made business associates are coaches in different fields. I have bakers who coach baking classes, fitness coaches, financial literacy coaches, business, speaking, branding and skin care coaches.

During our networking and discussions, one of the most popular questions they ask me is whether they should also write books or not?

Already, what I pick from such kind of questions is the fact that, deep down, these coaches know that they should write books but simply need some validation, mostly because people have for a long time had the notion that writing is only a skill meant for the overly creative word smiths.

The moment you conceive the idea that you should write a book is the time you should begin. You may not be familiar with the process but I always say that if you can put together notes and produce an entire course for your coaching business, then yes, you can put together a whole book that your students can refer to, read and gain further information about your subject area.

Let’s quickly jump into why you should write a book as a coach before I give you tips on how you should easily get started, although what you really need is commitment, motivation and a receptive audience.

Why coaches should write books

1. Credibility

The number one thing that a coach wants to be to her audience is credible. You want your following and students to trust you and respect the fact that you are capable, experienced and an expert in what you are coaching them. Writing a book will raise your credibility bar as your students will refer to your book and feel like ‘wow,’ so she actually wrote this book and completed it.

Your students will also reference you everywhere they go, for example, one could say, ‘in her book, Introduction to publishing, Patience Ziramba states that writing is a process which involves different stages.

That is the kind of engagement you want to invoke in your audience and establish yourself as the go to person in your subject area. Why should they reference Kotler when you’re teaching them about marketing when you’re there. Let your book become the key reference tool in your classes. That in turn raises your credibility bar by high margins.

2. Promotional tool

Coaches spend a considerable amount of time advertising and promoting their work in order to book clients. Your book can be your best tool to promote your courses and classes. Once someone has seen or read your book, they would want to find out more about you and what you do, that will lead them to what you offer and there are high chances of them signing up with you. Your book is your public relations opportunity, clients do not need convincing once they have seen your professionally published book..

3. Competitive advantage

If you want to gain a competitive advantage, the best way to set yourself apart is with a published book. Get customers to choose you over the next coach because you have a book and they feel you are the better expert.

4. Increases your visibility and demand

Visibility is the number one currency in the digital sphere. Every second, different coaches and service providers are competing to get seen by their prospective clients. Writing a book can boost your visibility and increases your demand. This is also because where a customer has to choose between you and the next person, they will prefer you because of your published book. You will rank higher than the one who hasn’t published a book no matter how many references they have. Your book will speak more for you.

5. Provides a mailing list sign-up incentive

As you strive to collect email details from your website visitors, an e-book can serve as an incentive to them. Your tribe will definitely appreciate some valuable free content from their coach. You do not have to always spam them with emails that say what you want, but sending them a dose of valuable content every now and again will help make them happy and appreciate you.

6. Establishes multiple revenue streams

Publishing a book increases your revenue streams. This is because as you sell your courses and coaching services, you in turn sell your book to the same clients that you book. Some people may prefer to buy the book and not sign up for the coaching sessions. Some people struggle with opening up to a one on one coaching session and you can serve these with your valuable book.

7. Helps you to share your message with others

Publishing is the way to preserve information and share it with others. What is discussed in a coaching session may end there and you may not be able to repeat it with the next person. However, packaging knowledge in a book helps preserve it and makes sharing it with others easier. This also lasts a lifetime.


Writing a book is a skill you can master. If you want to learn more about writing a book, book a session with me and I will take you through the process. Get started with writing a book and help others in their own lives. It will also help you achieve a more fulfilled life.  It feels great to introduce yourself as an author of a niche market. That will set you apart. Your legacy will live on forever.





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