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Most people love our favicon r. I have also received several questions on the meaning of our name, Raincemba – with the automatic assumption being that the favicon is simply the first letter r. However, brand r goes beyond that.

The steps discussed below define who we are as RAINCEMBA Publishing. They bring out our brand. Why r in relation to publishing? We also coined r in relation to our values. What we stand for as Raincemba in the quest to creating sustainable publications for the future.

1. Read

Reading is a crucial process in publishing. The sole purpose of publishing is to produce publications that people will read, hence the writer/publisher needs to be a reader as well. Reading opens one’s eyes and helps improves writing skills. It makes you aware of what other writers are doing. You learn from other writers and use similar techniques to improve your work. You can also get writing ideas through reading.

Reading is also an important pillar because we always publish with the reader in mind. You stop to think about what the reader would love to read. Envision them reading your work and you are rest assured to create the best product.

2. Reflect

To reflect means, mull over, think about, ruminate. Always take time to reflect on things around you, the books you would have read, circumstances and get inspiration. You stop and assess your idea. Reflect over your writing project. After writing something, it is also important to stop and reflect. That helps you polish up your work with a clear perspective. You also reflect about your ideal reader.

Publishing is a business and with each project, we reflect on the costs and processes involved. You think about your publishing business in all aspects.

3. Research

Research is an unavoidable step of writing. I love publishing nonfiction authors and their work is essentially based on tangible research, however, I also get enquiries from fiction authors who think that research work is not relevant to them, but it is. For instance, if your main character is going to be a doctor, you need to understand the medical field, especially if you are not an expert, and that can only be achieved through research. You research the setting, the weather, the technology, you name it.

4. Record

Recording is the actual process of writing. The writer commits themselves to the writing process and spend several hours or months crafting their piece. Thoughts are put down onto paper or typed into a word document on a computer, translating them into written accounts for reflection and review. At this stage, you will also find yourself repeating the research process.

6. Rewrite

This is a daunting process for many but a necessary evil. A lot of people give up at this stage but that is when we sift and come out with actual writers. The first draft is just what it is, a draft; rewriting will shape up the manuscript. This process works best when done after spending some time away from the project so that you can be able to resume it with a fresh perspective. Chances of getting back to research are high again.

5. Revise

A writer is essentially responsible for their work hence the need to hold oneself accountable and edit the work. This is the stage where writers do all they can to assess if they got everything right. They check their content according to their plan and outline, they check language and ask themselves if their work answers what they intended it to answer.

Every writer is expected to reread, proofread and revise their own work. This process is important to ensure a clean copy is produced. Revising is the final stage of the writing process where the writer final checks their copy to correct all the surface errors in the manuscript.

7. Review

Reviewing manuscripts introduces the publishing process, after writing is complete. When the writer submits a manuscript to the Publisher, the Editor will review the manuscript and assess if it is worthy to be published. The manuscript will go through all the different stages of editing before it passes for publishing.

The book design process will follow as well as printing and finishing in order to birth the long-awaited book.

8. Release

To publish is to release and make available to the public, either electronically or in a print format. 



Raincemba Publishing is guided by the sustainable development goals. We thrive and pride in creating sustainable cities and an empowered future generation of children through the publishing of sustainable children’s books. As such, we uphold recycling of paper and books. We produce high quality publications that can be passed on from one child to the other.


Raincemba Publishing is committed to preserving and safeguarding the African culture through books. We seek to record and keep all our unique African stories and pass them on to future generations.


For a long time, Africans have been incorrectly perceived as a non-reading community. Raincemba seeks to revive the reading culture by planting the love for books from an early age. Train up a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it. A reading generation is an empowered generation.

We have always loved stories, from the era of story-telling around fires, why do people now think that we do not like to read? Raincemba Publishing is devoted to reviving the love for stories.


Raincemba seeks to produce sustainable, informative, educative, futuristic publications that restructure the future generation of leaders. The universe needs restructuring and refocussing as we aim to build sustainable cities and Raincemba is here to offer that support.

Overall, Raincemba publishing is guided by the following values:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Equality
  • Sustainable development
  • Professionalism
  • Quality Education


The goal was to officially introduce you to Raincemba Publishing so that you can get to know who you are working with. Feel free to ask if you have some burning questions. Contact us for a free quote and writing advice.




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