Book Selling

What makes the best book design?

Just like there is no point designing the most gorgeous black robe for a wedding bride who prefers the traditional white gown; there is also no point designing a colourful childlike book for a busy entrepreneur with little time to read or who has to read a number of books. Why should they stop to read your book if it does not please them?

What makes a great book cover?

A book cover is more than a picture and a title. The sole objective of a book cover is to attract readers to buy the book. That means a book cover serves to sell your book. While the cover, ‘covers’ and protects the book from damage, when designing it, the main focus should be to attract readers and generate substantial sales.

Ten additional streams of income from book writing

I was approached by a talented creative writer who wanted her book edited and I told her I was not taking any fiction manuscripts at the moment. She was disappointed but I referred her to a colleague and she was happy. A few weeks later, she came back to me again and asked, now that she is working on her book, how else can she make money out of her writing skills and the book? We had a long chat and this is some of what came out of it.

What are the advantages of electronic publishing

1 Electronic publishing or electronic distribution is distributing published work through electronic or digital devices. A book undergoes the whole publishing process until a print ready copy is established. At this stage, the publisher chooses either to distribute electronically or as a printed book. With the advent of technology and the internet, several electronic distribution…

How to sell my book

Book distribution is the process of getting a book from the publisher to booksellers and ultimately, to the intended readers. Book distributors or book sellers bridge the gap between the publisher and the reader. Their job is to get the books to the actual buyers and readers.