Do I need a writing coach?

Simply put, a writing coach is a professional and personal guide who helps a writer throughout their writing journey before their copy is handed over to the publisher. They are also called a book coach or book Sherpa. They are like the quality control button for a product.

What is nonfiction writing?

With nonfiction work, you always have to get your facts rights. Many writers may not know the writing styles which they can employ when writing. Pick a writing style that best tells what you want to say and you can never go wrong with nonfiction. At times, the kind of work you want to write will indicate to you the angle to write from. But it all starts with penning down that idea, that thought, and your story will flow.

4 ways to use other authors‘ work in your writing

When one creates their work, the work is considered intellectual property (IP) and it is their possession, hence it should not be used without their permission. It’s like taking your neighbour’s rack and personalizing it to become yours. Doing this may cause legal entanglements that are not pretty and could drag for years and lead to the payment of heavy fines amounting to thousands of dollars, hence should be avoided at all costs.

8 ways to establish your writing presence

I struggle to get people accustomed to writing. Often times I’m approached by clients who have great stories but prefer that I write for them instead of bringing a finished manuscript to me for editing and publishing. The excuses have always been the same, ‘I can’t write. Can I record then you transcribe? I know what I have to say but I can’t write it down.’

8 Tips for effective content writing

Digital marketing and communication are taking over, with tonnes of content created and published every second. It ends up being overwhelming to stay on top of the game. For those starting out, the idea of getting started is also scary especially if you think you are not a writer. However, the tips that I will discuss below will help you get started and ace it.

7 reasons a coach should hurry up and write a book

The moment you conceive the idea that you should write a book is the time you should begin. You may not be familiar with the process but I always say that if you can put together notes and produce an entire course for your coaching business, then yes, you can put together a whole book that your students can refer to, read and gain further information about your subject area.