The sun was scorching hot. It was draining me. All I needed was to strip naked and relax but I seemed to be in the wrong place. I decided to get into Mr Erile supermarket to find myself something to drink. I like this shop because it’s spacious and the staff is friendly. I paced around the store, checking out the prices of groceries whose inflation had become a household topic. Without looking, I collided into a tall, brown-skinned, well dressed and smartly groomed man. We made a huge impact and his groceries fell with a thud, while I struggled with some pain, as my breasts had hit on his shopping basket.

Funny enough, despite the ache, I found myself laughing at what had happened but Prince Charming found nothing amusing – that made me laugh even more. It reminded me of some romantic movies that I have watched, or should I say it was déjà vu? Upon realising that my efforts to create humour out of this somewhat disturbing scenario for Mr handsome were futile, I quickly composed myself, stopped laughing and waited on him to finish picking up his groceries.

In as much as I would have loved to help him, I told myself that there was no point and I couldn’t risk myself bursting into laughter again. They were his groceries anyway and I had some pain to attend to too. I was kind enough to wait for him in any case. He quickly gathered his stuff and stood up; ready to go, as if he was rushing somewhere.

Seeing this, the best I could do was admitting guilt and apologise. I stretched for a handshake to which he gladly accepted. Despite my deep voice, I softly said, “I’m sorry for the trouble boss,” coupled with my trademark smile. I added on to say, “Please have a good day hey.” I don’t know whether it was my smile or what I said that got him confused but he looked blank for a moment, after which he said, “No problem, I’m okay, thanks.”

Not that I really cared but I just needed to make peace and not risk being cursed by a stranger, which looked inevitable considering that he had been greatly perturbed by the whole event. I didn’t waste time trying to make conversation, instead, I hurriedly took my leave and completely forgot if ever I had an agenda in Mr Erile after all.

It is then that I headed to the one place that I knew I could get myself something yummy to eat. I didn’t know whether the hunger had been exacerbated by this somewhat ordeal with Mr Handsome but I suddenly needed something into my tummy; quickly! However, I took two rounds window shopping around the block before heading to the restaurant.

My eyes shone in glee as I took sight of some beautifully hung double Ds in one lingerie shop. It’s not every day that a girl comes across the perfect double D size. Either you get plain ugly ones for the breast-feeding mommies, or they never come in matching sets. On this day, heaven smiled on me.

I was also lucky to find a male attendant and that made my experience in choosing the best set for my chest buddies the best. Speaking of experience marketing. It was as if the man had undressed me as he had recommended the best colour for my caramel skin. In as much as my favourite colour is blue, I couldn’t agree less with Themba’s choice of nude. He had said I would look divine in the set and man wasn’t he just a true prophet.

I remembered admiring a beautiful set of nude undies on my sister and prayed to get my size too. Mine had come with an extra lacy detail – a whole jackpot. I couldn’t help but imagine myself on a date wearing them – something that would only be a wish. The bra perfectly cupped my breasts and I felt comfortable. I had learnt that the shop had been recently opened to specifically cater for the double D sizes and that was a relief! I didn’t take time to make my payment as soon as I made up my mind. Themba had been good to me and I was definitely coming back for more. Themba’s sense of humour had also made my day. I found myself laughing all the time I was browsing through the different sexy lingerie on the rails. Talk of excellent sales people!

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