How do Editors cost their services

Finding an ideal editor is an author’s dream but agreeing on a fee may seem like a nightmare. Authors often wonder how editors come about a charge or a fee and, without the right information, they may feel somehow short changed. At accepting a manuscript for editorial, the editor considers several factors which helps them come to an editorial fee. Editorial fees are not reached about from a vacuum and they are a once-off payment despite the number of copies the author will print and they should be accounted for when pricing your book.

8 ways to establish your writing presence

I struggle to get people accustomed to writing. Often times I’m approached by clients who have great stories but prefer that I write for them instead of bringing a finished manuscript to me for editing and publishing. The excuses have always been the same, ‘I can’t write. Can I record then you transcribe? I know what I have to say but I can’t write it down.’

How to sell my book

Book distribution is the process of getting a book from the publisher to booksellers and ultimately, to the intended readers. Book distributors or book sellers bridge the gap between the publisher and the reader. Their job is to get the books to the actual buyers and readers.