Month: July 2020

The Printing Process

Publishing a book starts from idea stage, where the author develops the concept into a finished manuscript. The book will then go through the different stages of editing. Once editing, design and proofreading are complete, preparations for the printing process begin, starting with an accurate and correct way of updating the document files and images.

What makes an excellent proofreader?

When you say you are an Editor or a proofreader, the first thing that people think is that you’re an expert in the language in which you are proofreading. However, there is more to being proficient in a language when it comes to proofreading carefully and eliminating conspicuous errors.

8 Proofreading Tips for Writers

Proofreading is the process of reading and checking text for any surface errors – spelling, typos, punctuation and grammar, to ensure consistency.

Proofreading is not only smart – it can make or break your chances of someone taking your work seriously, maybe for that book publishing contract, pro bono review, next publishing step or discounted editing quote.


How to write and finish a book

There’s a famous quote that says ‘we don’t get paid for effort but for results.’ Likewise, a writer is recognised with a published project. This could be a book, memoir, essay, poem, newspaper article, you name it. All we want is for you to finish and publish – that’s what can make you confidently refer to yourself as a writer.