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Publishing Consultancy

We have solutions for all your publishing related issues!

Content creation

This is the process of research and writing of articles, stories, social media content etc. At RPP, we take time to understand the client’s goal and help communicate it in writing.

Content editing

This is the process of preparing written content in order to present the information in a logical format. At this stage, our editors are concerned about making sure text reads well and that the content presented is relevant. This process involves correction, condensation, organization, research, and any other modifications to ensure that a consistent, accurate and complete work is produced.

Copy editing

At this stage, we mark up the copy for the designer, give professional advice on layout and total presentation of the publications. Copy editing takes the raw material and makes it ready for publication as a book, article, magazine, flier, brochure, etc.

The aim of copy editing is to ensure that  publication, before it is presented to the public, is accurate, easy to follow,  relevant for the purpose, free of error, omission, inconsistencies, and repetition. Our copy editors pick up embarrassing mistakes, ambiguities, anomalies and libel.


Proofreading involves examining the document thoroughly and carefully in order to pick out and correct typographical errors, grammatical errors, spelling and style errors. This step is crucial and it can be repeated for three or more times before we declare a publication fit for publishing.

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Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design and sequence of the various components of a book into a coherent whole. We bring out the aesthetics of the publication with the right colors, graphics and images/artwork.


Illustrations enhance a publication’s visual and help tell the story. Our pool of designers and illustrators take care of this aspect of publishing.